Lara Croft, the aristocratic young daughter of the Earl of Abbington, Richard Croft, was on her way home when her chartered plane crashed deep in the Himalayan mountains, killing her mother and everyone else on board. Being the only survivor, Lara had to learn quickly how to depend on her wits to stay alive. Ten days later she walked into Kathmandu a changed young lady, her experiences, which she never discussed with anyone again, having had a profound effect on her. During that solo trek she learned to love her own company and from that time on she never again felt more alive than when she was travelling alone in search of ancient artefacts and lost civilisations. It was while reading one of her journal reports on her archeological discoveries that Lara first came to Natla's attention, the owner of Natla's Technologies. Financed by Natla, Lara was soon on her way to the mountains of Peru in search of Qualopec's tomb and the mythical Scion of Atlantis.



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