Tomb Raider Adventures

Easy tutorial level for new players

These games were made for XP and Windows 7, but they will play on Windows 10 and Windows 11 in compatibility mode XP-SP2, and possibly Run as Administrator. You will also have to use Setup and play around with the settings so the games play properly and run full screen on your machine.

Resonance Lucifer's Arse
The Imprisoned Spirits The Imprisoned Spirits 2 - Emerald Dreams
Imprisoned Spirits 3 - Forever Imprisoned Spirits 4 - Lara of Light
Jungle Ruins Jungle Ruins 2&3
Jungle Ruins 4 Jungle Ruins 5
Lara's Day Out The Hidden Garden
The Loch Lake of Fire
Catacombs of the Guardian Coyote Creek 2
Jurassic Park The Museum
The Skribblerz Stones 3 The Skribblerz Stones 4
The Skribblerz Stones 5 Amber Life