Tomb Raider Adventures

Level builders represented here are Raider X, Inchdix, Titak, EssGee, Cowboy, Wasp, Aza, KitKat, Jonson, Leonvdn, Rufierto, Lakota and George Mac.

Easy tutorial level for new players

Latest release - Amber Life by Inchdix
Jungle Ruins Jungle Ruins 2&3
Jungle Ruins 4 Jungle Ruins 5
The Imprisoned Spirits Emerald Dreams
The Loch Lake of Fire
Catacombs of the Guardian Coyote Creek 2
Jurassic Park The Museum
The Skribblerz Stones 3 The Skribblerz Stones 4
The Skribblerz Stones 5 The Lake of Stars
The Hidden Garden Amber Life