Ice and Snow Sounds
by Kitkat

This is a short tutorial I made for the Baptism of Fire 3 builders who wanted to know how to get ice and snow texture sounds to play in their levels.

Hearing Ice & Snow Sound Samples In-Game

The ice and snow sound samples are in the sounds samples folder but they are not listed in the sounds.txt file.

They are:



Sounds.txt extract:

As you can see the Ice and Snow sounds aren't listed. But it is still possible to make these sounds play!

The easiest way I have found is to simply rename the FOOTSTEPS_MARBLE samples names with the FOOTSTEPS_SNOW sample names. (The MARBLE sound is very similar to the default GENERAL_FOOTSTEPS sound so it isn't really missed.) Add a #g to the end of the FOOTSTEPS_MARBLE: fs_mb2 fs_mb3 fs_mb4 VOL18 P PIT55 line in the sounds.txt file (as you see all the other sounds have it - the #g will tell the sfx.batch file to apply the new sounds to all wads in you trle folder), save the file and then run the sfx.batch file - both the sounds.txt and the sfx.batch file are in the LevelSFX Creator folder. Apply the marble sounds to your snow textures in NGLE, output the wad, convert the level and you should hear snow crunching beneath Lara's feet in-game.

If you want ice sounds too I would overwrite the FOOTSTEPS_SAND_&_GRASS sounds. {As you don't usually have sand and ice at the same time!} You can, of course, overwrite any sound sample you are not going to be using.

Please make back-ups of all files before starting.