The Scales Puzzle
by Bedazzled

This tutorial and its example project show fully working scales puzzles. The differences from previous setups are:

* There is no longer a need to pour the wrong amount of water the first time.

* When used without the Ahmet, the scales can be reset repeatedly unlike previous setups where they could only be reset once.

* Several scales puzzles can be used in the same level.

The scales works in combination with the WATERSKIN1, WATERSKIN2 and an optional AHMET. To solve the puzzle the right amount of water must be poured from a waterskin to balance the scales. If the wrong amount of water is poured, the Ahmet is released. Once the Amhet is killed, the scales reset and the player can try again. The amount of water needed is hinted to the player, who then has to use one or both of the waterskins to get the right amount of water, which can be between 1 and 5 liters. For 1, 2 and 4 liters of water, the player has to use both waterskins and fill/empty/combine them to get the right amount of water in it.


Enter the correct amount of water required (1-5) in the scales OCB. Below the foot of the scales, place HEAVYSWITCH triggers for all objects which can be activated with the scales (both for when the right and wrong amount of water is poured). Which object is activated is determined by the codebits. The scales output the codebits 2345 when balanced, and codebits 1345 are output when they are unbalanced by pouring the wrong amount of water. Objects will not activate until all 5 codebits are activated, so you must manually set the fifth codebit in the OCB menu of the object.

- For objects which are triggered when the correct amount of water is poured, enable codebit 1 in the OCB menu.

- For objects which are triggered when the wrong amount of water is poured, enable codebit 2 in the OCB menu.

You can trigger as many objects as you want under the scales. However, you cannot trigger Flipmaps directly, because flipmaps don't have an OCB menu where you can set the codebit. Instead you need to use a FLAME_EMITTER2 to have the scales trigger a flipmap. To do this the negative number of the flipmap should be entered into the flame emitter ocb.


The scales are hardcoded to reset only if the AHMET is killed. When killed the Ahmet explodes and regenerates, the scales also reset at this point. The Ahmet needs to be locked into a separate room and only released if the wrong amount of water is poured into the scales. The door which should have codebit 2 pressed is triggered by a HEAVYSWITCH trigger under the foot of the scales. A HEAVYANTRITRIGGER should be placed right outside the room where the Ahmet is locked, to avoid the player going inside the room of the Ahmet and then killing it, because that would cause Lara to be permanently trapped inside the Ahmet room. A grey box tile should be placed behind the door in the Ahmet room to prevent it appearing part way through the closed door. This tile will not block the Ahmet once the door is opened allowing the Ahmet to reach Lara.

Used without the player seeing the Ahmet

The puzzle can also be used without the Ahmet (
which must be placed in the map) being visible to the player, in this case it's placed into a hidden room unconnected with the rest of the level. An Action trigger is used to kill the Ahmet enabling the scales to reset if the wrong amount of water is poured into them. If the correct amount of water is poured the Ahmet will still be killed, but will not regenerate or disappear like a normal enemy, it will instead remain on fire which can contribute to the flare bug appearing. To solve this problem another action trigger is used to remove the Ahmet from the map.

In the sample project the first scale requires 3 liters of water and the second scale requires 5 liters. In the second scales room the Ahmet has been left visible on purpose, normally it would be in a room separate from the rest of the level.

Important Note

Be sure to use the scales object from the wad included in the project file linked at the top of the tutorial. The scales will not animate if they are ripped from the TR4 CD using Wadmerger.

Making Changes after Beta Testing

It can be a good idea to wait until Beta testing is over before actually going to work on making changes. One thing you should never do is make dozens of changes and upload dozens of new beta packages to be retested as you go along. That will just simply not work and you will drive your beta testers away. They are busy and they will not wish to replay your game a dozen times because you keep uploading new packages. If you are only half way through beta testing and there is loads to fix, it is not okay to upload a new package. It is not sensible nor is it reasonable. Beta testers are busy people with real lives. Finish beta testing and then make the changes before even thinking about uploading it again for the next phase of beta testing. Every time your beta testers replay your level their value as beta testers diminishes greatly. Their first time through is your most valuable testing time. The pre launch test, discussed later in this tutorial, should be only their second time through your adventure.