Rolling Balls
by Bedazzled

Now you can add special characteristics to rollingballs by setting in the OCB field of a Rollingball one or more of the following values (adding them together if necessary):

1 = Silent mode
Disable sound and earthquake. This is useful when using a hidden rollingball to enable more special triggers in sequence, avoids having the rumble sound and screen shake.

2 = Kill Enemies
The rollingball will kill all creatures it touches while it is moving.

4 = Pushing/Pulling
Adding the value 4 enables Lara to push or pull a rollingball. In this situation no trigger is required for the rollingball. The ball can only be moved on flat sections (not sloped) of floor so by arranging slopes in suitable positions you can limit the direction the ball can be moved in.

Remarks: this ocb requires the Lara's animation number 316 in your wad. Not all standard wads have this animation, but it can be found in the catacomb. wad. If animation 316 is missing in your wad nothing will happen when Action is pressed with Lara close to the rollingball.

Once Lara has moved a rollingball and released it she will not be able to move it again.

8 = Pushing/Pulling with recovery
This ocb works like ocb 4, but in this case you'll be able not only to move the rollingball once but an infinite number of times. Using this method you can move a rolling ball along a flat Pushing/Pulling floor, until it reaches a slope where it will roll down.

Remark: also this ocb requires the animation number 316, see above info for Ocb 4.

16 = Destroy shatter objects
Rollingball will destroy a shatter object in its path.

32 = Check for collision with water room
If your rolling ball could land in water you can add the ocb 32 to produce a:
- Splash on the water surface
- Simulation of underwater movements with different physical behaviour.

64 = Enable common triggers
Will allow the rollingball to activate common triggers, i.e. the "trigger" usually enabled only by Lara. In this way a rollingball will be able to activate traps for Lara thus saving her from harm.