Waterfall Colour Change Problem
by Bedazzled

Several people including myself have experienced the problem of waterfall objects changing colour in game seemingly at random and for no apparent reason. It has been found to be caused by other objects in the wad, and in my case by simply applying small segments of a texture to a wall while texturing a level. In all cases the problem has been solved by resizing the actual waterfall texture to 256 x 256 pixels.

To eliminate the need for a graphics program such as Photoshop or similar, I have provided a resized texture below along with the magenta colour which is used as transparent on objects by the level editor. You'll see why this other texture is needed later. Unfortunately the free graphics programs gimp & Windows paint cannot be used to resize the texture.

waterfall texture ( 50 Kb )

Begin by using Wadmerger to create a new wad containing only the waterfall(s). To add the textures to the wad proceed as follows.

1. Click the Add Texture button as shown here.

A new window opens as shown below note the add texture window will initially be blank.

2. click the 'Load' button and browse to the location of the resized texture, select it and click the 'open' button. 

3. click the 'Add' button.

4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 above to add the transparent texture then save the wad.

Open the new wad in Strpix you will see that there are now two texture pages, the first page is the resized texture and the second page contains the original texture and the transparent texture.

The reason for that transparent texture will now become clear. If we were to start to retexturing the waterfall, it's very difficult to know exactly where the new texture has been applied. In this screenshot only the left side has the new texture.

So first retexture the waterfall transparent and then texture it using the resized texture, making sure the semi-transparent option is selected. And remember to do both sides of the mesh rotating it as required. Don't worry about the texture orientation as they will automatically be correctly orientated when placed.