Metasequoia - Turning an object Upside Down
by Terry Barrett (Dhama)

Open STRpix and load in a WAD, any WAD will do.
Now select an object, one near the end of the list would be best. Anything but a box.
Now EXPORT that object. This will be saved as a .DXF. 

Now open Meta

Load in the object that you saved as a DXF and you will get a window open up
In this window, alter the following parameters.

Multiply =1
X = 1
Click on SWAP YZ
And check the box named INVERT FACE

Click OK

Now your object is loaded

Press F1 This will face the object to you.

At the top right of the screen there is a magnifying glass, place the mouse pointer over the top of it and hold down the LEFT mouse button. When you move the mouse your object will zoom in and out. Position it so that you can see all of it. There is also a green cross with arrows next to the magnifying glass, click and hold on the to move your object in the selected direction.

Take a look at the EDIT buttons on the left of the screen.


Now in the COMMAND buttons on the left of the screen.

Click on ROT and you will notice a small floating window open on the other side of the screen.

Click on the X-AXIS button.

Now move the mouse pointer over to your object.

Select one of the small square boxes that are at each intersection of the object, preferrably one at the top right of the object. Click and hold down the LEFT mouse button and move the mouse. This will cause the object to rotate. Keep rotating till the object is upside down. Make sure tha the edges look straight (that there are no steps in them).

Your object should now be upside down.

Now save your object, again as a .DXF

A window will now open. Alter the following parameters in the following manner.

X =1
Click on SWAP YZ

And click OK

Now go back to STRpix and IMPORT you object back in.

If you are using STRpix XP version. A little window will open. Select STATIC MESHand move the slider to 4. Not sure about other versions but at least one of them didn't have that little window.

It will look white, so you just need to retexture it. All collision should be ok, but as this is just a quick tutorial, I'll only cover the basics.

Once textured, save your WAD and load it into the editor. You now have an upside down object.

If you wish to use it as a reflection object, import it back into a different slot. You''ll need to know how STRpix functions to do the collision box, but you may already know how to do that.

As always, back up your WAD before editing it.