Level Locations on TR4 CD
by Bedazzled

alexhub                 Alexandria

alexhub2               Coastal Ruins

angkor1                Angkor Wat

ang_Race              Race for the Iris

bikebit                  City of the Dead

citnew                   Citadel

cortyard               Chambers of Tulun

csplit1                  Catacombs

csplit2                  Temple of Poseidon

hall                       The great Hypostyle Hall

highstrt                Citadel Gate

jeepchas              Valley of the Kings

jeepchas2            Kv5

joby 1a                The Sphinx Complex

joby 1b                The Valley Temple

joby 2                  Underneath the Sphinx

joby 3a                Menkaure's Pyramid

joby 3b                Inside Menkaure's Pyramid.

joby 4a                The Mastabas

joby 4b                The Great Pyramid

joby 4c                 Khufu's Queeens Pyramids

joby 5a                Inside the Great Pyramid

joby 5b & 5c        Temple of Horus

karnak1               Temple of Karnak

lake                     The Sacred Lake

libend                  The Hall of Demetrius

library                 The Lost Library

lowstrt                 Street Bazar

nutrench              New City

palaces2              Cleopatra's Palaces

palaces                Pharaoh's Temple of Isis

semer2                Guardian of Semerket

semer                  Tomb of Semerket

settomb1             Tomb of Seth

settomb2             Burial Chambers

Title                     Title

Train                    Dessert Railroad