Health Bars: Changing Colour
by Wayne Scales

With TRNG, we now can change the colours of default tomb4 bars like the air bar, hp bar, loading bar etc with a few simple script commands. Here is a health bar I have customized for my Secrets Of Nepal game. It's a nice icey blue bar to fit the snowy theme of the level.

Here is the syntax you have to follow in order to customise the bar you want:

Syntax: Customize=CUST_BAR, BarType (BAR_...), FlagsBar (FBAR_...), XOrigin, YOrigin, XSize, YSize, IdColor1, IdColor2, Extra

This can go in the title as well as the level section of the script.

Field Descriptions

BarType (BAR_...) field=

In this field we type a bar_constant to specify which bar we want to modify. Here they are for reference:



FlagsBar (FBAR_...) field
In this field we can create an animation for your selected bar like flashing colours etc. You can use two or more FBAR_Flag commands to specify an animation mode. If you don't wish to use this type IGNORE

Here is the description of the FBAR_SOUND_BAR_ANIM taken from the reference section of the ng scripter.

Customize=CUST_BAR. This flag creates in current bar floating colors like you see in audio bar in Options screen.

When you use this flag you can also type in Extra field an IdColor (pointing to some ColorRGB= command) to set the mask color. The audio bar works in a particular way: there is a floating effect using two colors, the MainColor (IdColor1) and the background color (IdColor2), while the mask color will be used to paint the full side of bar.

For example if you use this flag with BAR_HEALTH and lara has 50% of HP, the left half of bar will be colored with MaskColor to differentiate by right (empty) half. The mask color doesn't paint fully the bar but it will be added to current floating effect. For example if you set as MaskColor the rgb, with 0,0,0 values, you'll get no difference between left side and right side of bar because adding the 0,0,0, nothing changes, while if you set like mask color the white, with rgb values 255,255,255, the full side of bar will become fully white, losing the floating effect.

For above reasons it is a bit complicated set a good maskcolor. You should try a mask color where the rgb value was not 0 but not 255 either. For example a color like: 128,128,128 (this is the default mask color if you type IGNORE in extra field), or 63,63,63 (it used in tomb4 for audio bar in some circumstances)

This flag is only used for custom bars, they have predefined index to show the text.

BAR_CUSTOM1 : Extra NG String with index = 301
BAR_CUSTOM2 : Extra NG String with index = 302
BAR_CUSTOM3 : Extra NG String with index = 303
BAR_CUSTOM4 : Extra NG String with index = 304

If you want to show the current value of the bar under it you must type the variable placefolder for it:

301: Resistence #0050
301: #0050

So will be used the current value of Local Short Alfa1 under the BAR_CUSTOM1.

XOrigin, YOrigin, XSize, YSize fields
These fields are quite cool as they allow you to change the size and position of you bar ingame. I've had some great fun messing with these. If you want to keep the original size of the bar just type ignore in this field.

Remark: All values you type in these fields are in pixels and they are computed to work with a game screen resolution of 640x480.

This method is necessary since you can't know what the effective game screen size will be while a game is being played as the player could change the resolution settings. Therefore you compute the position and size of bars using a resolution of 640x480 pixels as a reference, then, if the game is played at a different resolution, the trng engine will adapt proportionally the coordinates you've set.

Here is the sizes of the default bars:

TypeBar OrgX OrgY SizeX SizeY
HealthBar 8 8 150 12
DashBar 481 8 150 12
AirBar 481 26 150 12
LoadBar 20 444 600 15

This is good as a basis to the size you wish to achieve with your customised bars.

Remark: there is some rounding changes between full screen and windowed mode, usually with gaps of 1 or 2 pixels.

IdColor1 field
Here, we have to type an ID to identify a ColorRGB= script command with rgb color set as the main colour for the bar. For example if you want have a pure red bar you can type:

ColorRGB=3, 255,0,0

The ID is 3, so you'll type the value 3 in IdColor1 field to set the red as main color (this is the main colour of the full bar).

Warning: About the ColorRGB command you reference with IdColor it's necessary it is typed FIRST of Customize=CUST_BAR command otherwise when TRNG engine is parsing the CUST_BAR command the ColorRGB (if you type it down) will result as missing and it will appear black in color.

Here are the default colours used in the tomb4 bars:

BarType Red Green Blue
HealthBar 255 0 0
DashBar 0 255 0
AirBar 0 0 255

Again, this is a good basis for a certain colour you want to create. It requires trial and error but it's cool to see the mix you can create!

IdColor2 field
This works like IdColor1 except you can create a background colour for the bar. The default tomb4 bar is set to black (0,0,0).

Remark: For some reason the values of IdColor1 and 2 works in the inverse way for custom bars, the IdColor1 should be the mask color [the usually 0, 0, 0 RGB] and the IdColor2 is the main color of the bar.

Extra field
This field may accept different values in conjunction with further FBAR_ flags. Read the description of FBAR_ constants to discover the usage of this Extra field.

The custom bar is different by other health, dash and air bar, because in this case there is no predefined target for it. So it is a free bar to use for your new skills and more. To use the new bar you must assign a variable placefolder in the EXTRA field.

Customize= CUST_BAR, BAR_CUSTOM1, FlagsBar (FBAR_...), XOrigin, YOrigin, XSize, YSize, IdColor1, IdColor2, #0042

#0042 means the Local Byte Alfa3 will be used to store the value of the bar


You can use any variable placefolder for your custom bar, except, of course, from the TEXT entries

Now we're well on our way to customising all the default tomb4 for bars to create some special effects and add that extra detail to your mission.

Now we use the ColorRGB= command to change the colour of the bar. Here's the syntax we will follow:

Syntax: ColorRGB= IdColor, Red, Green, Blue

It can go in both the level and title section of the script.

Remark: With ColorRGB you can insert a RGB value to use in second moment with some flipeffect or actions using the IdColor as reference to locate it.

Field Descriptions

IdColor field
This is the progressive number to identify this colour from other colours you've set in same [Level] section. When you use some flipeffect or action requiring a script colour you have to insert this IdColor number in trigger to locate the wished colour.

Red field
This is the intensity of the red colour. You can type a value between 0 and 255.

Green field
This is the intensity of the green colour. You can type a value between 0 and 255.

Blue field
This is the intensity of the blue colour. You can type a value between 0 and 255.

That's it! Have fun experimenting with the fields and see what effects you can come up with. Here is my customised script for my bar.

ColorRGB=8, 0,190,255