Setting the Number of Secrets
by Bedazzled

Syntax: Customize=CUST_SET_SECRET_NUMBER, NumberOfSecrets
Arguments: NumberOfSecrets

With this cutomize command you can change the text shown in the statistics screen of the game where it say's number: Secrets Found ".. / 70"

The value you type for (NumberOfSecrets) will substitute the default "70" for the maximum number of secrets in the level.

You can use this command in two ways:

* If you want to set a different number of secrets for each level of a multi-level game place the line Customize=CUST_SET_SECRET_NUMBER, NumberOfSecrets into each level section of the script.

Customize=CUST_SET_SECRET_NUMBER, NumberOfSecrets

* You can also modify the global number of secrets for the whole game by placing the number of secrets script into the Title section instead. In this case you have to use a single Customize=CUST_SET_SECRET_NUMBER, NumberOfSecrets line and place it in the Title section of the script. For example, this is the Title script from Jungle Ruins NG which had 5 secrets in total for the whole game.


LoadCamera= 0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ;src x,y,z target x,y,z, room
Level= DATA\TITLE,104
UVrotate= -256
Customize= CUST_NEW_SOUND_ENGINE, ignore, SEXT_MP3, ignore, ignore