Pushblocks to open Doors
by Elen

If you would like to have a number of pushblocks in one area, but which only activate triggers on one specific floor tile, this is how to set it up:

First, we will make the OCB settings for the two doors and two pushable objects and then we'll add the triggers.

Here is an image, so that you will see what I call DoorA, PushableA etc...

DoorA opens when PushableA is positioned on Trigger sqare A. If you push it on the Trigger square B, nothing will happen.

DoorB opens when PushableB is positioned on Trigger square B. If you push it on the Trigger square A, nothing will happen.

OCB Settings (pressing the letter O button)

PushableA = Press the button 1 and write 1 in the timer field (the white box)
PushableB = Press the button 2 and write 2 in the timer field.
DoorA = Press the buttons 2, 3, 4, 5
DoorB = Press the buttons 1, 3, 4, 5


Select Pushable A and set a Heavyswitch trigger on Trigger square A. (Yes, you apply a Heavyswitch trigger for the pushable). Before closing the trigger box, make number 1 pushed (black). All others must be off (gray). Select Door A and set a normal trigger on the same square (Trigger square A).

Select Pushable B and set a Heavyswitch trigger on Trigger square B. Before closing the trigger box, make number 2 pushed. All others must be off. Select Door B and set a normal trigger on the same square.

This can be expanded with more doors and pushable objects. Each door opens from its "own" pushable object, as long as you set up the OCB's. For example, if you have a third door and a third pushable object, the OCB's will be:

Pushable C = press the 3 button and write 3 in the Timer field.
Door C = press 1, 2, 4, 5

Set a Heavyswitch for Pushable C and press the 3 button in the trigger box. All others must be off. Then set a normal trigger for Door C on the same square.

... and so on with the 4th and 5th pushable objects and doors.