Hidden Triggers in TRNG
by AkyV

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Page 1 - Hidden Triggers Main Page
Page 2
- Introduction
Page 3 - Combinations in Item Memory Zone (General Subject)
Page 4 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Enemy Jeep, Guide,Von Croy, Baddy1, Baddy2, Setha, Crocodile, Horseman, Mutant, Harpy, Little Beetle, Wraith)
Page 5 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Ahmet, Scales, Falling Block, Rolling Ball, Teeth Spikes, Joby Spikes, Chain, Plough, Stargate, Moving Blade, Hammer, Burning Floor)
Page 6 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Spike Ball, Flame Emitters, Firerope, Two Block Platform, Raising Block, Expanding Platform, Squishy Block, Pushable Object)
Page 7 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Sentry Gun, Mine, Obelisk, Floor and Roof4 Blades, Bird Blade, Catwalk Blade, Plinth Blade, Seth Blade, Lightning Conductor, Element Puzzle, Puzzle Hole, Turn Switch, Crowbar Switch, Pulley)
Page 8 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Doors, Sequence door, Sequence switch, God Head, Statue Plinth, Grenade, Steam Emitter, Earthquake)
Page 9 -
Combinations in Item Memory Zone (Waterfall Mist, Sprinkler, Amber Light, White Light, Laser Head, Hydra, Enemy Submarine, Fish Emitter)
Page 10 -
Combinations in Savegame Memory Zone
Page 11 -
Combinations in Code Memory Zone
Page 12 -
Combinations in Slot Memory Zone
Page 13 -
Combinations in Animation Memory Zone
Page 14 -
Combinations in Inventory Memory Zone
Page 15 -
Multi Subject
Page 16 -
More Operations with the Combinations

Would you like to be able to use 'extra' triggers in TRNG? See the few examples below to understand what I'm talking about:

-Make One Shot triggers 'retriggerable'.
-Control the enemy jeep on its route as a harmless 'civil' car, a 'friendly jeep' i.e. without shooting grenades.
-Customize the ammunition amount of the baddies (without picking up Uzi clips).
-Make the active mutant attack only when you want.
-Customize the speed of little beetles coming out of the wall.
-Transport the ahmet to a new start position (inste
ad of his original cage, into another room) when the scales are just being reset.
-Shoot the rollingball out like a cannonball.
-Customize the speed of teeth spikes.
-Customize the extension of joby spikes.
-Extinguish the flames on the burning floor to prevent it from crashing.
-Customize the length of the flame blown from a flame emitter.
-More control on the electric arches striking into lightning conductor nullmesh objects.
-Make turn switches useable to trigger anything, not only obelisks.
-Disable/enable Lara's interaction with objects such as doors, falling blocks, ziplines, some switch types etc.
-Make the placed and triggered grenade perform an amazing, long exploding effect.
-Customize the intensity of earthquakes.
-Fiddle with the effects of AI objects.
-Simulating AnimCommands for a given object of the slot (because 'real' AnimCommands work for all the objects of the slot).
-Force a required actual vitality on an enemy, including temporary immortality.
-Customize the amount of the usage of the mechanical scarab.
-Improve the control on the weapon selection.
-Trigger things after Lara's death.
-Make little scorpion be poisonous in the first levels of the game as well.
-Adjust Lara's dash power.
-Adjust audio/sound volume (of Options menu) during the game, by triggers.
-Turn the 'normal' level into 'train level' (or vice verse), when the level is already being played.
-Switch on/off sun disk in the whole level in a simple way, when the level is already being played.
-Make only the required mesh(es) of an object shatterable.
-Edit the size of the shadow (without changing the collision box).
-Prevent a collision problem - see: when you can't push/pull pushable objects over pickable items.
-Change some animation properties (FrameRate, Accel etc.) during the game.
-Change the coordinates or the name of an item in the inventory, even if we don't have a Script command for that item type to do that.
-Expand the amount limits in executable or condition triggers about ammunition, medipacks or flares in the inventory.
-Change some values of Statistics information or study them in condition triggers.
-Conditions about the good old timer (typed in the Timer box of the trigger).
-Conditions about the facing of the objects.
-Conditions about the color of the ambience light shining on the object.
-A condition about Lara's actual air in her lungs.
-A condition about the player just using DOZY or not.
-A condition about how far Lara is just swinging on the rope.
-Conditions about Lara aiming at an enemy.
-Conditions about which camera type is just being used.
-Conditions about the speed of clouds.
-A condition about volumetric FX being switched on/off.