Pyrotechnics and Flame Emitter Special Effects
by Leonvdn

Exploding Shatter Objects

You will need:

- Mine object (found in LOWSTRT.TR4)
- Grenade (found in all wads)
- Shatter object (found in most levels/wads)

The setup is quite simple:

Place all 3 objects on one square

Set the OCB of mine to 1 (this is so it only explodes when triggered rather than when Lara steps on it)

And put a heavy trigger for the mine under the same object.

Set a regular trigger for the grenade on the same square.

The result:
The pot explodes in a blaze when broken; the mine sets off the grenade which causes a shockwave effect that will hurt or even kill Lara when she is too close to it. 

Note, if the shatter object is narrow at its base it might be advisable to either set the object as invisible, or retexture the mine with all transparent textures, that way it can't be seen and the effect looks natural like in Forgotten Scribe where its explained that the pots are full of oil and therefore flammable. Egyptian tombs don't generally have 21st century mines in them after all!

Flaming skeleton head

You will need:
The skeleton object (or any other animating object).

This effect is created with the addeffect= script line in the NGLE, as explained in this tutorial:

Mist effects

In this case the effect is made with this script line


ADD_FLAME, sets the effect as a flame

FADD_CONTINUE_EMIT, sets the fire to be constant

9, is the mesh number in wadmerger of the skeletons head

(extra2) 1, is the size of the flame

(extra3) 0, sets the flame not to hurt Lara, when set to 1 this effect will set Lara alight but in the case of the skeleton this is unnecessary

To set this effect simply place the skeleton object as normal and set the trigger wherever you want it. 
On top of this place the action trigger for the addeffect on the same square like so

Rotating flame setup

You will need:
Any animating object 

Again this is an addeffect as explained in this tutorial:

Mist effects

AddEffect=2, ADD_FLAME, FADD_FIRE_STRIP+FADD_ROTATE_180, JOINT_SINGLE_MESH, 0, -256, 0, 600, 600, -8000, 1, 0

ADD_FLAME, sets the effect as a flame

FADD_FIRE_STRIP, sets it as a fire strip flame

FADD_ROTATE_180, sets the direction of the flame, this is only relevant in relation to the object used in Forgotten Scribe

JOINT_SINGLE_MESH, replaces the mesh number in the previous addeffect as the animating object only has one mesh

0, -256, 0, are the X, Y and Z coordinates off the flame on the animating object, -256 in this case places the flame near the top of the object

600, 600, set the flame to emit constantly

(extra1) -8000, sets the length of the flame, this set to different values (see in Reference section of NG center, SCRIPT NEW commands under addeffect= for more information)

(extra2) 1, sets the flame as lethal to Lara

(extra3) 0, sets the flame as horizontal (1 sets it as vertical)

To set this effect place a trigger for the animating object.

And then add the effect with the action trigger for addeffect on the same square

In game you will now see the flame coming from the animating object, it will burn Lara if she comes near it

To make the flame rotate, again select your animating object and set the action trigger (Turn <#>ANIMATING moving endless in (E) way) and set it to turn clockwise fastly.

Place this trigger on the same square as the other triggers and you will see in game that the animating rotates with the flame coming out of it.