by Paolone, George, and AkyV
All these tutorials are fine with TRNG, which is installed with the TRNG MkIV installer. TRNG is available as an update. If you are new to the Level Editor, it might be better to download the Official Tomb Raider Level Editor and build the tutorial level following the official manual to master the basics before attempting to learn the TRNG. Download the TRLE Official manual by Gary LaRochelle in pdf format here (3.81Mb).
DOZY Killer

DOZY is cheating so please don't use it. If levels these days are so hard Raiders can't play them without cheating, that's the community's fault for giving difficult and tedious levels high marks and encouraging hard levels to be made in the first place. Tomb Raider never was about breaking fingers, controllers and keyboards with ridiculously hard tasks, it was about exploration and adventure, it was about immersion and atmosphere, it was about being lost in huge levels and using your wits and intelligence to solve them. Let's get back to Tomb Raider again, shall we? To encourage Raiders back to Tomb Raider, use DOZY killers in your games. Here's how:

1. Don't use Uzies in the game anywhere.

2. Somewhere in your game near the end of each level, place a PARAMETER trigger for the UZI Item with the CONDITION: Inventory. Present <#> inventory_item selected.

3. On top of that trigger place an ACTION trigger for Lara. In the Parameter field select Enemy. Kill <#> object in (E) way. In the Extra field, select Default death animation (only for creatures, removing vitality).

If players use DOZY, they will have the uzies in their inventory and will die when Lara hits these triggers. If they want to play your game, they will have to replay without using DOZY. If level builders can spend months and even years of their lives building Tomb Raider adventures for us to enjoy, the least we can do is respect that and play their games the way they were intended to be played.

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