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Tomb Raider Level Editor Resources

Skribblerz.com is not responsible for your computer.  You download and use these resources at your own risk.
All of the files should be safe and virus-free but it is recommended you scan files with an anti-virus/spyware program and back up your existing files.

Angkor Wat WAD, Map and Textures

All the files you need from the original Angkor Wat level of The Last Revelation are included in this download.
Download -
3.3 Mb


Cutscene Animations from TR's 1-3

Fluen has very kindly ripped all the animations from the cutscenes from Tomb Raider's 1 through 3 and packaged them up for download here. Many thanks to Fluen for this amazing resource. Please note there is no cutscene 10 in Tomb Raider 3. Download - 4.3 Mb


Library and Guard WADs, Maps and Textures

All the resources of the Lost Library and the Guardian of Semerket levels are here in this download. Full instructions are included. The download includes all the WAD files, the maps and the textures. Also included is an updated version of the City WAD. Download - 12.3 Mb


Revised Wads

Copy all of these files into your Graphics/Wads folder in your trle root folder to enable all Lara's animations in every WAD. The existing .WAD and .SWD files must be replaced or copied over for this to take effect. With these updated WAD files Lara now has all her animations in every WAD. Download - 11.2 Mb


Tomb Raider Audio Tracks

This is a sampling of audio tracks and loops from Tomb Raiders 1, 2, 3 and Chronicles. The tracks are either in MP3 or wav format.

TR1 MP3  TR2 MP3  TR3 MP3  TR5 Wav

Tomb Raider 3 Samples

This is practically the full set of TR3 samples, collected and put together by EssGee. Many thanks EssGee for this invaluable TR Level Builders resource!


Tomb Raider WADs

Here are all the objects from Tomb Raiders 1-5. These objects are not ready to use in custom levels as they have been ripped into random slots. This WAD resource is purely for object makers, not level builders. The download is 108 MB. (See below)


Tomb Raider WADs object images

Stephen Cooper has kindly packaged up images of all the objects from all the Tomb Raider WADs (see above) and labelled them with the slot in which they can be found. This resource makes it extremely easy to find objects and identify which slot in which level they are in. Invaluable! The download is 73 Mb and includes a few extra WADs.


Tomb Raider 1 to 6 Textures Overview by Fluen

Finding specific textures from the original Tomb Raider games can be a daunting task. Fluen has kindly done all the hard work for us and put all the official textures from Tomb Raiders 1 through 6 into Word documents for easy access and speedy browsing. Locating that specific texture you've been hunting for is no longer the arduous task it once was! Download - 83.7 Mb

These are NOT textures you can use in your levels, this is simply a handy guide for quickly locating specific textures.


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