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Skribblerz.com is not responsible for your computer.  You download and use these tools at your own risk. All of the files should be safe and virus-free but it is recommended you scan files with an anti-virus/spyware program and back up your existing files.

The TRNG Level Editor - the NGLE
By Paolone

This Next Generation Level Editor and Game Engine is the door to a whole new Universe of level building. For installation instructions on both the new game engine and the NG Scripter, please read the NG Manual in our tutorials section. Please note the new game engine requires the use of the NG Scripter to produce working DAT files.


The TRNG is a tested product, but is still used at a Level Builder's own risk, and it could have unknown bugs. This site only offers updates to TRNG, which is included in the Mk4 installer.

Download Full Installer  - TRNG
Download NGLE Project files - NGLE Project Files

You must make fresh DAT files using the NG Scripter after every update installation to prevent crashes. The TRNG is a tested version which is XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible.

Previous Updates
For older versions and history updates of the TRNG and NG Scripter, please visit Paolone's website.

If you install updates and hit problems it is available to roll back to previous updates at any time by opening the NG Scripter and clicking the Change Version button on the Settings tab and selecting a previous version of the software.

The Mk4 full setup is compatible with Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7. This full setup contains TRNG and all the next generation tools. It is a self-extractor with an Installer program which is able to scan your trle installation to discover which files require updating. It is advisable to perform at least one full setup before installing other updates because you could have some necessary missing files in your existing setup. The TRNG installer will correct any problems or suggest how fix them.

Important Note! If you are new to the Level Editor, do not download the TRNG, instead download the Official Tomb Raider Level Editor below and build the tutorial level following the official manual and master the basics before attempting to learn the TRNG.

TRNG Project Files - Click here

For more information on these downloads and updates, please check the Official TRNG Website. The last version of the NGLE prior to the new game engine being released can be downloaded here:

The Official Tomb Raider Level Editor


This is the full version of the official Tomb Raider Level Editor. When installing, select Custom Install and uncheck the DirectX7 box.  If you try to install DirectX7 Windows XP will chuck out a serious error message. This is due to trying to install an old version of Direct X onto your PC.  Download - 175 Mb

EditWad v1.4 - Sapper


Object and WAD editing tool by Sapper, making all your object editing much easier and more fun. Documentation on how to use the programme is included. Download - 10.1 Mb

Fexinspect - Turbo Pascal


Fexinspect allow to open and inspect compiled Tomb Raider levels files from Tomb Raiders 1 through 5.  If you need to understand how something was set up in the original games, you can find the information using this programme.  You can revise how objects are placed and are setup, how things are triggered and what options are used, etc.  Download - 833 Kb

Meta2tr - Meta2tr


Meta2tr is a next gen programme which can transform levels made with the Tomb Raider Level Editor. Mata2tr converts TR4 level files to and from Metasequoia files. It works with both the NGLE and the original TRLE editor and tomb4 exe. This programme requires a working knowledge of both the Level Editor and Metasequoia. Meta2tr is freeware and can be downloaded from the official site at the link above where you will also find tutorials on how to use it.

MousePatch v2 - Larson 08

A brilliant little patch that will allow you to hold down the middle mouse button and pan your rooms around with the mouse, as well as a couple of other handy things. Absolutely brilliant little patch. Download - 16 Kb


RView - Turbo Pascal


RVew is a program that allows you to open Tomb Raider levels and shows you each room fully textured. You can import/export the rooms in a DXF file format so you can edit them in a CAD program.  This version has been updated by Iceberg to run on XP.  Download - 440 Kb

Screamer v1.2 - Leroy Perkins (LePerk)


A tool that allows you to create a new sounds.txt and output new .sam and .sfx files for your wad. You can use it to create a new sounds.txt file for a single object or a complete wad. It will allow you to add custom samples to an object. It requires the J2RE 1.4 (Java 2 Runtime Environment) for your system.
Download - 175 Kb

Strpix 3.95 rev 1.1 - Turbo Pascal


Object editing and texturing tool of the 'absolutely can't live without' type.  Download - 308 Kb

TR2wad - Michiel


TR2wad will rip objects, textures and sound samples from TR4 files. Nice tool that will work fine on XP running in Win98 compatibility mode.  Download 175 Kb

TBuilder 2.4 Revision 1 - IceBerg


Brilliant tool that will take care of all your texture set building needs and a lot more. This latest version has had the number of vertical pages increased from 32 to 64 to handle more 128x128 texture space when using the NGLE. Download - 477 Kb

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